I get asked all the time by my clients
I get asked all the time by my clients

I get asked all the time by my clients

I get asked all the time by my clients about ways to maintain their carpets at home. There’s an EASY answer to this question. We’re not talking about stain removing techniques (although that’s important), we’re not recommending the proper vacuum cleaner (which I will discuss in an upcoming blog), but it’s a very simple preventative measure. Waterhog Masterpiece mats

Take your shoes off before you walk in your home! There are very simple reasons why taking your shoes off upon entering you home is crucial to the cleanliness and longevity of your carpet.

Dirt, asphalt, pesticides, and all sorts of bacteria and toxins are living on the bottoms of your shoes. Those can easily be tracked into your home onto your carpet. *Think of your child playing on the floor – not a good vision, huh?

Aside from contaminates on the soles of your shoes being tracked into your home, another reason you should NOT wear your shoes in the house is because dirty shoes can cause those darker pathways to appear around where you walk the most. You’ve seen them- Those dark paths from one door to another door… Those dark paths are affectionately known as traffic areas. Most think that traffic areas are mainly dirt that deposits on in the carpet from repeated use. That’s only partially correct… Traffic areas are in part, abrasions within your carpet fibers. Think about this… 90% of carpeting today is made from synthetic fiber. Synthetic fibers are mostly derived from plastic. Ask yourself this question… What happens to a plastic bottle when you continually rub dirt on the clear plastic? Yep, the plastic becomes muddy in appearance (even if it’s perfectly clean) due to abrasions in the plastic. That’s exactly what happens in the traffic areas of your home. Shoes will grind in dirt and debris into the carpet fibers, giving it a dull and dark appearance. No amount of cleaning will improve the look of those carpet fibers.

By NOT wearing shoes in your home, significantly decreases the traffic area affect and ultimately keep your carpets looking new, longer.

So… this is your excuse to find the most comfy bunny slippers that you can find and wear them proudly (inside of your home, of course…).

If you insist on wearing shoes inside the home, please at take this advice… Go to your local retailer and grab a few doorway entry mats. Place those mats at every point of entry into your home. Last, but not least; use them!

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